7 Corporate Values

Looking Ahead with Entrepreneurial Spirit

Today we are already thinking about the day a­fter tomorrow. We are continuously working on pioneering solutions for products and services of the future. And this goes hand in hand with our constant opening up of new markets. The wide spectrum of customers and products that our company enjoys, coupled with our international presence, provides us with the necessary amount of flexibility, even in challenging times.

Working Together Effectively

 We communicate with one another across all the continents, we are reliable and open to new ideas. We collaborate closely on innovative products, on a brand of service that is second to none, and on efficient processes – always endeavoring to give our customers the best possible benefits.

Ensuring Sustainability

We pursue all our aims and plans resolutely. We always think and act with an eye to the future. It is not only our products which are efficient, but also our processes. In order to ensure utmost sustainability, standardized environmental management systems are in force at all our locations.

Delivering Top Performance

Our work is hallmarked with commitment, plenty of individual initiative, and a tremendous delight in achieving good results. The bedrock of our work is always setting clear and definite objectives. Our motivation comes from the high expectations of our customers and also those of our shareholders.

Striving Toward Innovation

 We view challenges as opportunities. We value all things tried and tested but are always open to the new and the unconventional. One instance of this is the way our innovative product solutions lead to greater safety on the roads while significantly reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Doing Business with Integrity

We act in a trustworthy way, using our professional expertise to the full and showing respect to and cooperation with all people concerned. Our communication is honest and genuine. Even in conflict situations, we strive toward fair solutions. The result is lasting, sound relationships with customers and colleagues.

Setting an Example

Our behavior is always exemplary and loyal. Each and every individual internalizes our corporate values, truly takes them to heart, and lives and works by them. We   steadily continue to develop our potential and our capabilities, we take criticism seriously, and we learn from our mistakes. And we show social commitment.